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Create API functionality to search storage

Some basic API functionality could be extended to allow Lab Administrators to report on storage from a number of different perspectives. It would be helpful to see all the Disks attached to a VM as well as identifying the primary disks, Differenci...
Wayne Klapwyk over 2 years ago in Storage Management 0 Unlikely to Implement

Public IP Details

Any idea if any chance, the LOD devs could make the VM IP visible directly either in "My Labs" under "Running" Labs:
Guest about 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 1 Unlikely to Implement

Turn off password expiration policy or allow orgs to turn it off

Since the change to the new authentication system, everyone is required to change their password every 60? 90? days. This is an outmoded security practice that actually leads to more risk of accounts being exposed:
Guest about 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 5 Unlikely to Implement

Student Password Reset

As an Instructor, we used to be able to reset student passwords. Very useful as often on the second day of class a student can't remember the password they set the previous day. I have has to do this a number of times, but as of the security updat...
Guest about 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 0 Unlikely to Implement

API - Add Groups to User API Methods

Add the listing, adding and removing of User-based TMS API methods. Groups are associated with a User account through the GUI. Similar functionality should be available via the API.
Wayne Klapwyk about 3 years ago in Skillable API 2 Unlikely to Implement

Add a "Future Action" feature

A "Future Action" feature would allow the application of a number of different characteristics to a course starting on a specified date and potentially ending on a specific date. Information that could be set/changed with this function could inclu...
Wayne Klapwyk about 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 0 Unlikely to Implement

Allow Custom layers or watermark on Catalog images

On occasion it would be nice to add a special label or watermark to an existing Course Catalog image. For instance, when doing maintenance (applying licenses, windows updates, minor updates...) we typically disable the course and archive it. This ...
Wayne Klapwyk about 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 0 Unlikely to Implement

Retrieve VM info in Automated Activities

Allow Automated Activity scripting to retrieve information regarding a Lab Profile VM using the VM Token Alias including one or more of the following similar to the Powershell Hyper-V commandlets (ex: Get-VM, Get-VMBIOS, Get-VMHardDiskDrive...) Po...
Wayne Klapwyk about 3 years ago in Lab Scoring & Activities 0 Unlikely to Implement

Move Lab Commit Back to Gear Menu

Hi Team, I like the new features added to the lab profile commit screen (update the VM specs) but I do not like that it is now in the save lab instance menu after selecting the hamburger icon. As an admin, I am used to my administrative tasks res...
Guest over 3 years ago in Lab Creation & Lifecycle Actions 0 Unlikely to Implement

Minimal Lubuntu VM

Can a Lubuntu image with minimal desktop and minimal applications be created for the lab gallery
Guest over 3 years ago in Template Gallery 0 Unlikely to Implement