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Status Unlikely to Implement
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 3, 2021

Move Lab Commit Back to Gear Menu

Hi Team, I like the new features added to the lab profile commit screen (update the VM specs) but I do not like that it is now in the save lab instance menu after selecting the hamburger icon. As an admin, I am used to my administrative tasks residing in the gear menu and the experience of having to press the save option makes me feel like I could be doing the wrong thing, I do not think this is a good User eXperience (UX) design. This change that was made split up the authoring tools into two different areas, the gear menu (install integration services) and the save menu (commit VM changes). This is not a consistent experience and up until this point the hamburger menu was only for terminating or suspending (hibernating) the lab instance. Because it was only for termination/suspension, as a lab author I always feel uneasy when I save my lab this new way. I would like to propose that the save/commit changes screen be made available back in the gear menu next to the "install integration services" item. This will unify the authoring tools into a single location again as well as separate the terminate/suspend capabilities into its own section. Thanks!
Who would most benefit from this idea? Lab Developers or Lab Authors
    Jan 6, 2022

    Thank you for your feedback! The decision to move the "Commit" options within the standard "Save" menu was not one landed upon lightly. Common feedback was actually that people requested this be done as there was frequent confusion on which Save button to use which would result in users losing their intended progress.

    While it is unlikely the commit location is reverted to its previous location, we are constantly reviewing and rethinking best user experience options.

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