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Training Keys to be exposed to the API

We like to have an api which can generate one or more keys for a specific class
John Grasso about 1 year ago in Skillable API / Skillable TMS 3 Will Implement

Admins need a way to be able to see the API/LTI consumer configurations to do self service preliminary troubleshooting

I am currently unable to see what is published to any Integration Consumer, nor can I see the configuration to make sure that our endpoints and parameters match when working with customers.
Evan Burns about 2 years ago in LTI / Skillable API 2 Likely to Implement

API - Get Lab Profile - Export details and scripts

Provide an API function in the LOD Development environment to retrieve all elements of a Lab Profile much like the Dev URL "<Lab_ID>" provides. This would allow users to quickly create and update a l...
Wayne Klapwyk over 2 years ago in Lab Administration / Skillable API 1 Likely to Implement

When automating lab deployment /updates the activities are not exposed to API hence manual updates are needed

When you end your lab with a selftest or any activities you use in you lab are only stored in the lab profile with no way to update these or release these from DEV - PROD, Seen we are running completely automated pipelines to do QA and deploy , al...
Guest about 1 year ago in Skillable API 5 Likely to Implement

Add AWS CloudFront to Cloudslice

AWS CloudFront is on the list of planned support API capabilities. We are in process of updating our CASP+ course (Oct release) and would love to have this service available to use for these labs.
Guest about 2 years ago in Skillable API 0 Already exists

Provide a single location where admins can view/update settings for multiple labs.

We currently have 75 labs that have been built by 2 different users over the past 3 years. If we find a new feature that we'd like to add to the lab or change an existing setting, we have to open 75 lab profile pages to make the update. Additional...
Guest about 1 year ago in Lab Administration / Skillable API 1 Future consideration

API - Add Group-specific API methods

It could be useful to be able to Create, Update and Delete Groups via API calls similar to the API methods for Organizations. When reorganizing courses and users it can be helpful to script repetitive tasks to reduce the likelihood of operator err...
Wayne Klapwyk over 2 years ago in Skillable API 0 Future consideration

API - Add Groups to User API Methods

Add the listing, adding and removing of User-based TMS API methods. Groups are associated with a User account through the GUI. Similar functionality should be available via the API.
Wayne Klapwyk over 2 years ago in Skillable API 2 Unlikely to Implement

Execute automation script when TMS trigger event happens

This is similar to the new Notifications feature that allows us to configure an email to be sent when a particular trigger event happens in the TMS (e.g. a new user is created). I would like to be able to configure an automation script to be trig...
Guest over 2 years ago in Skillable API / Skillable TMS 2 Future consideration

Add ability to set end date on the subscription key object that overrides subscription end date

We will be selling subscriptions of varying lengths, depending on the length of the organization's license to use our software (not the TMS, the software that we sell). We would like to be able to set an expiration date at the level of the subsc...
Guest over 2 years ago in Skillable API / Skillable TMS 2 Already exists