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Status Unlikely to Implement
Categories Storage Management
Created by Wayne Klapwyk
Created on Jan 17, 2022

Create API functionality to search storage

Some basic API functionality could be extended to allow Lab Administrators to report on storage from a number of different perspectives. It would be helpful to see all the Disks attached to a VM as well as identifying the primary disks, Differencing disks and Start State disks. The reverse would be helpful as well (seeing which VMs and other objects are attached to a disk). Being able to query for disks that are not attached to any profiles (orphans) would be useful as well so that they can be deleted if they aren't used). Being able to rename a disk would be helpful as well. Finally, being able to report on the storage structure could be useful. Essentially, an API that allows, primarily, read-only access to the storage for reporting and investigative purposes would be useful.

Those who have to administer Lab Storage environments would find this useful. I don't know how many clients you have that do this themselves but I know we could certainly make use of it.

Who would most benefit from this idea? Customers using data and reports
What is the problem you are trying to solve?

There currently is no way for a Skillable customer to query the storage environment except in a VERY manual manner. This makes it very difficult to grow and maintain the environment.

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