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In reporting of user Challenge Lab completion, the user's leveraging of Hints should be reportable.

When a user's challenge lab activity is populated in the "Fand lab instances" search (see attached screenshot) it would be helpful to know if the user leveraged the Hints tool to help them complete the lab.
Guest 11 days ago in  1 Awaiting Further Feedback

Delete unused files in a folder when a deleting a folder that contains one or more files in use

Today if you want to delete a folder that contains 100.000 files that are not in use, but 1 file is in use by a lab profile then you must select and delete 100.000 files one by one - a hopeless mission. Allow multi-select of files including holdin...
Rasmus Haslund 15 days ago in Storage Management 0 Needs review

Subscription Expiry Dates Configurable by Admins

The expiry on subscriptions should be configurable by TMS admins.
Christine Grauer about 1 month ago in Skillable TMS 3 Future consideration

Give instructor roles more time to complete labs while teaching Give anyone who has an "instructor role" more time to complete labs while teaching -- they are not trying to complete labs, they are trying to show students the steps and how to complete the labs. If they have a...
Guest 4 months ago in In-Lab Experience 0 Likely to Implement

Add support for Google Cloud Platform

Can a third native cloud platform be add to the LOD platform. Currently there is native support for Azure and AWS, adding GCP will complete the major general use cloud portfolio. We are seeing the high take up of the GCP platform in the Financial ...
Paul Gregory 3 months ago in Cloud 1 Future consideration

Subscription Expiration Date to be Determined from the first time it was accessed.

Currently, the subscription expiration date is determined but the date it was issued. We should have the ability to choose that or to set it up to be determined by the first time a person actually access this subscription. This way it allows the p...
Niko Venev 10 days ago in  0 Needs review

Allow labs with an external instructions source to include automated activities and questions

I just started exploring using an external instructions source for our lab profiles, because there is no versioning or publishing check for lab instructions in LOD itself. I was dismayed to see that labs that use an external instructions source ca...
Rowan McVey about 2 months ago in In-Lab Experience 3 Needs review

Limit the amount of retries when making a question in the instructions.

When creating questions in the instructions for a lab there is an option to allow retries, but it allows unlimited retries which essentially makes the question a guessing game without penalty and thus highly reduced effectiveness. There should be ...
Guest 3 months ago in In-Lab Experience / Lab Scoring & Activities 7 Future consideration

Allow addition of hyperlinks to Notification Text

Within the text of a notification, can we add the ability to hyperlink text?
Christine Grauer 27 days ago in Skillable TMS 4 Awaiting Further Feedback

An area showcasing the scripts for lab activities.

Not all developers will be powershell scripting experts and this common area would provide a good foundation for those who wish to learn the platform and build it on their own. If this could be supported with community involvement that would be fa...
Guest 3 months ago in Lab Scoring & Activities 3 Needs review