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Scroll to last checked lab step when resuming

Not having to scroll would save time
Guest about 1 year ago in In-Lab Experience 0 Needs review

API - Get Lab Profile - Export details and scripts

Provide an API function in the LOD Development environment to retrieve all elements of a Lab Profile much like the Dev URL "<Lab_ID>" provides. This would allow users to quickly create and update a l...
Wayne Klapwyk almost 2 years ago in Lab Administration / Skillable API 1 Likely to Implement

Subscription Expiry Dates Configurable by Admins

The expiry on subscriptions should be configurable by TMS admins.
Christine Grauer 10 months ago in Skillable TMS 3 Already exists

Push or pull individual files from VMs

It would be useful to be able to push or pull individual files from the virtual machines. Especially with cybersecurity ranges that have unpatched/vulnerable software or malware it is sometimes desirable to keep the lab completely offline while al...
Guest about 1 year ago in In-Lab Experience 1 Future consideration

More flexible size categories

We make extensive use of router machines in our networking and security labs. These don't require large amounts of memory but they do need more than two network adapters. Consequently, the new(ish) size categories don’t fit our requirement at all....
James Pengelly 8 months ago in Lab Administration 2 Already exists

copy from lab machine to local clipboard

Just as users of the lab need the ability to copy text to the lab machines, very often we need to copy some text from the lab machines to our local machines.
Guest about 1 year ago in In-Lab Experience 0 Already exists

Maximum Duration variable available in instructions.

Lab users are not always aware of the Maximum Duration. Maximum Duration is now a hard limit. We currently have an alert with the Maximum Duration at the beginning of the instructions, but this is manual. It would be nice to be dynamic via a varia...
Charles Alexander 10 months ago in In-Lab Experience 5 Future consideration

In reporting of user Challenge Lab completion, the user's leveraging of Hints should be reportable.

When a user's challenge lab activity is populated in the "Fand lab instances" search (see attached screenshot) it would be helpful to know if the user leveraged the Hints tool to help them complete the lab.
Guest 9 months ago in Data & Reporting / Lab Scoring & Activities 5 Needs review

Lab Support for Right to Left Languages

Add support to translate labs into languages that read right to left (such as Arabic).
James Burnham 3 months ago in In-Lab Experience 0 Needs review

When automating lab deployment /updates the activities are not exposed to API hence manual updates are needed

When you end your lab with a selftest or any activities you use in you lab are only stored in the lab profile with no way to update these or release these from DEV - PROD, Seen we are running completely automated pipelines to do QA and deploy , al...
Guest 6 months ago in Skillable API 4 Needs review