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Allow Automated Activities to run on click of Next/Previous

We often organize our lab exercise instructions by panel. At the end of the panel there is often an Automated Activity to check the completion of the exercise. Rather than displaying a button we could simply check the exercise when the Next button...
Wayne Klapwyk over 2 years ago in Lab Scoring & Activities 1 Future consideration

Provide the ability to export activities along with instructions

While exporting instructions, activities are not exported. The activities must be recreated manually after importing instructions to a new profile.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Lab Administration / Lab Creation & Lifecycle Actions 2 Future consideration

When Exporting or Importing a Lab Profile be able to select which sets of instructions should be included

Currently when Exporting or Importing a Lab Profile all the Instructions are exported or imported and if the Lab Developer wishes to change this they either need to edit the JSON or clean up instructions are an Import. Being able to select which i...
Paul Gregory about 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 2 Will Implement

Ability to Replace an Instruction Set in another Lab Profile

With Instruction Sets there is possible more scenarios where errors are found in instructions and these need to be updated. Traditionally this has used one of two methods. If the change is minor, update both the Dev and Prod instructions manually,...
Paul Gregory about 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 1 Future consideration

Automatic instruction translation when cloning an Instruction Set

When cloning an instruction set add an option if cloning to another language which would enabled Skillable to perform a first pass language translation using an AI service to the new destination language. this would not be 100% accurate but would ...
Paul Gregory about 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 1 Future consideration

Training Keys to be exposed to the API

We like to have an api which can generate one or more keys for a specific class
John Grasso almost 2 years ago in Skillable API / Skillable TMS 3 Will Implement

Add ability to mix Docker images & VMs in one lab profile

We are currently using the Docker fabric for our labs. We have several Docker containers running together to simulate a small cluster. We would like to add labs that interact with the cluster using a desktop client. We would prefer not to duplicat...
Guest about 3 years ago in Container / Virtual Machine 3 Likely to Implement

New feature: Delete lab profile and all associated VM profiles

I recently had to undergo a very overdue clean-up. I literally had to delete hundreds of VM profiles by hand and then I could delete the lab profiles. We need a feature that allows me to delete a lab profile with all associated VM profiles. I know...
Rasmus Haslund almost 3 years ago in Lab Creation & Lifecycle Actions 2 Future consideration

Selecting Instructions Sets to Clone when using SaveAs

Often Lab Developers will use the Lab Series of Lab Profile SaveAs function to duplicate a Lab Profile as a starting point for a new Lab. When using this feature today all instructions are copied across However these wizards do support you being a...
Paul Gregory about 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 1 Likely to Implement

When Creating a new Variable be able to specify the Instruction Sets its should be included in

When creating a new variable it is created in the Instructions that are currently active. If that variable is needed in multi Instructions within a Lab profile it has to be manually created in each set of instruction.
Paul Gregory about 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 1 Future consideration