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Lab Delivery

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Add Notifications for Subscription Expiration

Similar to notifications for Course Assignments, we would like to be able to send out automated notifications for when a Subscription is about to expire. The same options for course assignment (days until expiration) would be appropriate.
Guest over 1 year ago in Skillable TMS 4 Future consideration

Provide a single location where admins can view/update settings for multiple labs.

We currently have 75 labs that have been built by 2 different users over the past 3 years. If we find a new feature that we'd like to add to the lab or change an existing setting, we have to open 75 lab profile pages to make the update. Additional...
Guest over 1 year ago in Lab Administration / Skillable API 1 Future consideration

Validate email address when creating an account in the TMS

Is it possible to add a second field to validate the email address when learners sign up for a new account in the same way that the password field is validated?
Cat Carter over 1 year ago in Skillable TMS 1 Future consideration

Allow admins to set up default student enrolment state

When adding students to a class roster, the system set their enrolment state to Enrolled by default. However, in some cases there may be tentative enrolment and while the admin would like to have these people in the class roster, there is no point...
Hadas Arad almost 2 years ago in Skillable TMS 3 Future consideration

Subscription Expiration Date to be Determined from the first time it was accessed.

Currently, the subscription expiration date is determined but the date it was issued. We should have the ability to choose that or to set it up to be determined by the first time a person actually access this subscription. This way it allows the p...
Niko Venev about 2 years ago in Skillable TMS 0 Future consideration

Put more prominent Log In button on course details page for anon users

When an anonymous user is looking at a course details page, it isn't clear to them that they need to log in to access the course. The only login link is the small one in the upper right. The best thing would be to have the Enroll/Continue button t...
Rowan McVey over 2 years ago in Skillable TMS 0 Future consideration

Option to make learning paths available without subscription

We are making all our self-paced courses available to anyone who registers, without a subscription, using the "Allow Self-Paced Self-Assignment" option. We'd like to arrange the courses in learning paths, but we're unable to make those visible to ...
Rowan McVey over 2 years ago in Skillable TMS 0 Future consideration

Allow organizations to customize the default column in the class roster view

Allow organizations to customize the columns that are the default view when accessing the class roster. Allowing an organization with multiple sales reps to see who a student is assigned to, their email, and company name by default - or whatever c...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 0 Future consideration

Allow instructor to pre-launch student labs

It would be useful to allow the instructor to pre-launch all student's labs for a lab profile. This feature is already offered by Qwiklabs for all AWS classes. Time allowed in lab should count from first time student's themselves click the Launch ...
Rasmus Haslund almost 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 0 Future consideration

API - Add Group-specific API methods

It could be useful to be able to Create, Update and Delete Groups via API calls similar to the API methods for Organizations. When reorganizing courses and users it can be helpful to script repetitive tasks to reduce the likelihood of operator err...
Wayne Klapwyk about 3 years ago in Skillable API 0 Future consideration