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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 3, 2021

Add an indicator of course status (not started/incomplete/complete) to course catalog

We have gotten feedback from a number of our students that when they are browsing the self-paced course catalog, they find it hard to remember which courses they have started or finished, and which ones they have not opened (which ones are new to them). They mentioned that they know they can find this information on the "My Training" page, but they would like to have an indicator on the course thumbnails in the course catalog view. A number of them are currently working around this by bookmarking anything they have completed. We expect to add dozens of small courses to our self-paced catalogs, so having students be able to pick out which ones they've looked at or not is essential.
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    Feb 25, 2022

    Thanks for taking some time to send along this suggestion! Our Product Group has given this an initial review... we love it. We cannot yet commit to a specific timeframe, but we've assigned this as "Likely to Implement," so stay tuned to this thread for updates over the next few weeks or months.

    If you have additional context or would like to generate more demand, feel free to edit your original post and/or invite your peers to upvote your Idea.

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  • Admin
    Eric Grau
    Apr 11, 2022

    Thank you for your additional comment. After looking this over some more we have decided to expand this IDEA as follows:

    Add New Status Filter

    • Give the user the ability to filter out courses based on the status of the Course assignment

    Add a new set of icons to visualize the courses in a specific state

    To further assist the user, change the Start button to Continue
    for those course assignments that are "In Progress"

  • T Herkenhoff
    Mar 7, 2022

    I'd say it's better than nothing at all! It is still somewhat hard to notice, and would be difficult for someone brand new to this to know what it means. Would there be any additional information on the more detailed course page as well?

  • Admin
    Eric Grau
    Mar 3, 2022

    Thank you for your suggestion, would this solution solve the problem you are experiencing?

    Can use a similar idea as Learner Paths Icons

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