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Restrict Users to specific Lab Series (A la TMS-styled Subscriptions)

We have a large number of users involved in the creation of Self-Paced Labs and SCORM-based modules. Right now if a user is assigned to 1 Lab Series they gain access to all the labs in both Dev and Prod through the LOD development environment. It ...
Wayne Klapwyk about 3 years ago in Lab Administration / Lab Creation & Lifecycle Actions 1 Future consideration

Retrieve VM info in Automated Activities

Allow Automated Activity scripting to retrieve information regarding a Lab Profile VM using the VM Token Alias including one or more of the following similar to the Powershell Hyper-V commandlets (ex: Get-VM, Get-VMBIOS, Get-VMHardDiskDrive...) Po...
Wayne Klapwyk about 3 years ago in Lab Scoring & Activities 0 Unlikely to Implement

Add a counter for remaining launches to Cloud Slice labs

MCTs and students need to know how many of the 5 launches still remain
Guest about 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 2 Already exists

Change GUI controls on LOD and LMS to be always visible rather than only bottom of page

When using LOD GUI (for example, editing a lab profile or a course) or LMS GUI (for example updating course details), the action buttons (e.g. Save) are always at the very bottom of the page. Therefore, if I have a long list of say VMs in a lab pr...
Hadas Arad over 3 years ago in In-Lab Experience / Lab Administration 0 Future consideration

Add ability to control text colour in IDLx

While editing instructions in IDLx it will be useful to be able not just to mark text in bold or italic etc but to be able to set it up in a colour. Maybe using hex colour codes, similar to HTML editing.
Hadas Arad over 3 years ago in Skillable Studio 0 Already exists

Keep Cloud Platform Field at Any, Don't Change to Azure, when using the Find Lab Profiles Search More than Once

When I return to the Find Lab Profiles search after performing a search, the cloud platform is always changed to Azure. Even when I change the field back to Any, the Search won't run. I don't use Azure, so this starts to get frustrating when tryin...
Melissa Warren over 3 years ago in Lab Administration 0 Future consideration

Add network Access Control List option to Docker-based labs

VM-based labs have the option to restrict access to the internet using ACLs. We would like the same option for Docker-based labs. In our case, we have web access enabled for our Docker-based labs because we need to connect to standing cloud-based...
Guest over 3 years ago in Container 0 Future consideration

Save a copy of the instance upon teardown

I realize it's a huge ask, but instead of JUST tearing down instances, maybe it can save a copy of the live environment in addition to the teardown so if we need to we can pop in and look at it, while also keeping the teardown functionality we use...
Guest over 3 years ago in In-Lab Experience 2 Unlikely to Implement

Execute automation script when TMS trigger event happens

This is similar to the new Notifications feature that allows us to configure an email to be sent when a particular trigger event happens in the TMS (e.g. a new user is created). I would like to be able to configure an automation script to be trig...
Guest over 3 years ago in Skillable API / Skillable TMS 2 Future consideration

Add ability to set end date on the subscription key object that overrides subscription end date

We will be selling subscriptions of varying lengths, depending on the length of the organization's license to use our software (not the TMS, the software that we sell). We would like to be able to set an expiration date at the level of the subsc...
Guest over 3 years ago in Skillable API / Skillable TMS 2 Already exists