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Self Service: Merge Differencing Disk

Hi Team, I would like to propose that the differencing disk merge option be put back on the roadmap. I heard that there were some complications that came up to make it very difficult to implement, specifically around large trees of differencing ...
Guest over 3 years ago in Storage Management 8 Likely to Implement

Ability for the learner to be able to select the Instruction Set within a lab

To improve Instruction Set usablility I think it would be great to allow users to be able to switch between instruction sets within the live lab rather than having to pick before launch.
Paul Gregory about 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 2 Likely to Implement

Support Terraform templates as a Template Deployment alternative to ARM and Cloud Formation

Update Lab Profiles and Cloud Fabric templates to support the use of Terraform. By supporting Terraform. One great feature of Terraform is the technology is fabric agnostic therefore the implementation across different cloud fabrics would be simpl...
Paul Gregory 10 months ago in Skillable Studio 1 Likely to Implement

Ability to import automated activity from another Lab Profile.

Would be nice to be able to easily copy lab activity from lab to lab. Lets say you have some base activites that apply to multiple labs, having the ability to easily copy or import to another lab profile would be awesome! Imagine now that you exte...
Eric Grau almost 3 years ago in Lab Administration 5 Likely to Implement

Give instructor roles more time to complete labs while teaching Give anyone who has an "instructor role" more time to complete labs while teaching -- they are not trying to complete labs, they are trying to show students the steps and how to complete the labs. If they have a...
Guest over 2 years ago in In-Lab Experience 0 Likely to Implement

Ability to have Global Variables which stay the same across Instruction Sets

Variables in IDLx are Instruction Set specfic and they have unique values in each instruction set. However it would be really useful being able to create a global variable that maintains the same value across all instruction sets and if modified t...
Paul Gregory about 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 1 Likely to Implement

Add ability to mix Docker images & VMs in one lab profile

We are currently using the Docker fabric for our labs. We have several Docker containers running together to simulate a small cluster. We would like to add labs that interact with the cluster using a desktop client. We would prefer not to duplicat...
Guest over 3 years ago in Container / Virtual Machine 3 Likely to Implement

Ability to duplicate automated activity

Would be nice to have the ability to duplicate an automated activity where it would also prompt for name. This way on labs with multiple activities that are similar the time to create would be shorter and less error prone.
Eric Grau almost 3 years ago in Lab Scoring & Activities 0 Likely to Implement

Selecting Instructions Sets to Clone when using SaveAs

Often Lab Developers will use the Lab Series of Lab Profile SaveAs function to duplicate a Lab Profile as a starting point for a new Lab. When using this feature today all instructions are copied across However these wizards do support you being a...
Paul Gregory about 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 1 Likely to Implement

Admins need a way to be able to see the API/LTI consumer configurations to do self service preliminary troubleshooting

I am currently unable to see what is published to any Integration Consumer, nor can I see the configuration to make sure that our endpoints and parameters match when working with customers.
Evan Burns almost 3 years ago in LTI / Skillable API 2 Likely to Implement