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Multiple Instructions Sets

Currently to provide varied instructions for a lab based on its use case a lab author is required to make additional (likely child) lab profiles, the use of "Sections" to override large chunks of content, or some combination thereof. One of the bi...
James Burnham over 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 6 Released

To reduce TAT and improve granularity for support

Lab Instance State Change webhooks – can webhooks be made available for each event change that occurs during the lab lifecycle.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Lab Administration 2 Released

Add support for Google Cloud Platform

Can a third native cloud platform be add to the LOD platform. Currently there is native support for Azure and AWS, adding GCP will complete the major general use cloud portfolio. We are seeing the high take up of the GCP platform in the Financial ...
Paul Gregory over 2 years ago in Cloud 2 Released

Limit the amount of retries when making a question in the instructions.

When creating questions in the instructions for a lab there is an option to allow retries, but it allows unlimited retries which essentially makes the question a guessing game without penalty and thus highly reduced effectiveness. There should be ...
Guest over 2 years ago in In-Lab Experience / Lab Scoring & Activities 7 Released

Add an indicator of course status (not started/incomplete/complete) to course catalog

We have gotten feedback from a number of our students that when they are browsing the self-paced course catalog, they find it hard to remember which courses they have started or finished, and which ones they have not opened (which ones are new to ...
Guest over 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 3 Released

Page Validation on Lab Activities

Currently when something is incorrect or missing in a "New Question" activities form; clicking the save or save and insert buttons do nothing. This gives end users the impression that something is wrong with the platform. This is not particularly ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Lab Scoring & Activities 1 Released

Instructions in Multiple Languages

Today building lab with instructions that are in multiple different languages (for example English and Spanish) is incredibly complicated. It requires some combination of "Sections", child labs, API Parameters, etc. It's possible, but very difficu...
James Burnham over 1 year ago in Skillable Studio 3 Released

Lab Support for Right to Left Languages (Specifically Arabic)

Add support to translate labs into languages that read right to left (such as Arabic).
James Burnham over 1 year ago in In-Lab Experience 0 Released

Improve navigation flow to next course in a learning path

This is a suggestion that came from someone new to our company using the learning paths to work through our self-paced courses. They noted that getting to the next course in the learning path involved a lot of clicks. First you close the pop-up la...
Guest over 3 years ago in Skillable TMS 0 Released

Add a Download Option to End of Lab Score Report

Add an option to the end of lab score report to download it to your local computer.
James Burnham over 1 year ago in In-Lab Experience / Lab Administration 0 Released