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Status Likely to Implement
Categories Skillable TMS
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 3, 2021

Improve Survey Functions

I've assembled a list of useful features that would improve the usefulness of the survey tool.
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    Mar 29, 2023

    Thanks for taking some time to send along this suggestion! Our Product Group has given this an initial review... we love it. We cannot yet commit to a specific timeframe, but we've assigned this as "Likely to Implement," so stay tuned to this thread for updates over the next few weeks or months.

    If you have additional context or would like to generate more demand, feel free to edit your original post and/or invite your peers to upvote your Idea.

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  • Admin
    Eric Grau
    May 25, 2022

    Thank you for your idea, moving this further in the planning cycle.

  • Damon Fout
    Apr 13, 2021

    Features and Capabilities


    Accessibility and Organization

    Allow surveys to be accessible outside of TMS interface

    Create option for Public vs TMS-only access of survey; useful feature where the survey can poll users without requiring entry to the TMS

    Allow survey tool access to be restricted by sub-org

    Only users within a sub-org can access surveys created in that sub-org

    Create function where a survey can be exported from a sub-org and imported into another (see templating)

    Create survey categories

    Create survey categories; e.g Self-paced, Instructor-led, Virtual Instructor-led, etc.

    Would require a config page within a course on the TMS to choose which surveys for which delivery type

    Create access policies

    Survey can be access for date range, or until manually disabled; helpful feature if public access features are implemented

    Create password, keyword, or regex match for survey access; helpful feature if public access features are implemented


    Allow surveys to be enabled, disabled, and archived

    Convert surveys to activities within courses

    Could also create 2 types of feedback: survey (end of training) and evaluation (end of section; would be an activity)

    Allow automatic emailing of survey data

    Create rule to automatically email survey data at a particular survey end date, or x number of days after survey completion


    Allow Import/Export of Survey Templates

    Can also allow Save As function (similar to what you see in Courses)

    Survey Design

    Create branching function for survey questions/pages

    Create survey design fields

    Branding, page and section descriptions; questions; perhaps allow IDLx editor similar to instructions.