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Status Future consideration
Categories Lab Administration
Created by Wayne Klapwyk
Created on Jun 10, 2021

Normalize Profile Export data

After having had a few scares where Production Series and Labs were nearly lost irretrievably we have decided to build a database of all the information provided in the Profile Export function. The export function creates a "data.json" file which contains a wealth of detail regarding the Profile and child objects.

Unfortunately the information retrieved from the different level of exports (primarily Lab Series and Lab Profile) is not consistent. For instance, the Lab Series export does not contain any information regarding Automated Activities or Life Cycle Actions. This information is only found in the Lab Profile export.

It makes sense that an export from a given level might not contain all the information of the parent level. However, I would expect each export to contain all the information included at child levels.

As well, the exported information for a given level should be consistent regardless of where the export is performed. For instance, if an export is performed on a Lab Profile and on a Lab Series the same VM Profile information should be included in both export files except that the Lab Profile will not include the Lab Series information.

Who would most benefit from this idea? Lab Developers or Lab Authors
    May 24, 2022

    Thanks for taking a minute to send along this suggestion! Our Product Group has given this an initial review and assigned this a status of "Future Consideration." This status mean this Idea is not yet on our roadmap, but will be part of our normal prioritization processes.

    If you have additional context or would like to generate more demand, feel free to edit your original post, add a comment, and/or invite your peers to upvote your Idea.

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