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Ability to have Global Variables which stay the same across Instruction Sets

Variables in IDLx are Instruction Set specfic and they have unique values in each instruction set. However it would be really useful being able to create a global variable that maintains the same value across all instruction sets and if modified t...
Paul Gregory 5 months ago in Skillable Studio 1 Likely to Implement

An area showcasing the scripts for lab activities.

Not all developers will be powershell scripting experts and this common area would provide a good foundation for those who wish to learn the platform and build it on their own. If this could be supported with community involvement that would be fa...
Guest over 1 year ago in Lab Scoring & Activities 3 Likely to Implement

copy from lab machine to local clipboard

Just as users of the lab need the ability to copy text to the lab machines, very often we need to copy some text from the lab machines to our local machines.
Guest over 1 year ago in In-Lab Experience 0 Already exists

Scroll to last checked lab step when resuming

Not having to scroll would save time
Guest almost 2 years ago in In-Lab Experience 0 Likely to Implement

Send Lab Profile Owner an alert when an LP change is saved.

When lab profiles changes are saved it would be convenient for change tracking purposes to have an option to automatically email the LP owner to alert them of the change. If not automatically, then have the option to alert or not, default to alert.
Guest about 2 years ago in Lab Administration / Lab Creation & Lifecycle Actions 0 Future consideration

Export/Import at the VM Profile level

There is Export and Import functionality at the Lab Series and Lab Profiles. Why not at the VM Profile level? We recently had a situation where some VM Profiles were deleted and having the ability to simply import a previously exported VM Profile ...
Wayne Klapwyk over 2 years ago in Lab Creation & Lifecycle Actions 1 Future consideration

Selecting Instructions Sets to Clone when using SaveAs

Often Lab Developers will use the Lab Series of Lab Profile SaveAs function to duplicate a Lab Profile as a starting point for a new Lab. When using this feature today all instructions are copied across However these wizards do support you being a...
Paul Gregory 4 months ago in Skillable Studio 1 Likely to Implement

When Creating a new Variable be able to specify the Instruction Sets its should be included in

When creating a new variable it is created in the Instructions that are currently active. If that variable is needed in multi Instructions within a Lab profile it has to be manually created in each set of instruction.
Paul Gregory 4 months ago in Skillable Studio 1 Future consideration

Automatic instruction translation when cloning an Instruction Set

When cloning an instruction set add an option if cloning to another language which would enabled Skillable to perform a first pass language translation using an AI service to the new destination language. this would not be 100% accurate but would ...
Paul Gregory 5 months ago in Skillable Studio 1 Future consideration

Enable the Custom Button Text to support multiple languages

When using Instruction Sets and supporting multiple langauges one of the great features is when creating automated activities the activity can query the new @lab tokens to find the language the lab is being run in. However there are no options to ...
Paul Gregory 5 months ago in Skillable Studio 1 Future consideration