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Skillable Studio

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An area showcasing the scripts for lab activities.

Not all developers will be powershell scripting experts and this common area would provide a good foundation for those who wish to learn the platform and build it on their own. If this could be supported with community involvement that would be fa...
Guest over 2 years ago in Lab Scoring & Activities 3 Likely to Implement

Scroll to last checked lab step when resuming

Not having to scroll would save time
Guest over 2 years ago in In-Lab Experience 0 Likely to Implement

Make the Development Organization the Default Option when Building Labs

LOD recommends the best practice of building all lab profiles (and their contents) inside of the Development Organization, however whenever creating any object in Lab on Demand the default organization is always set to Production. This increases o...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Lab Administration / Lab Creation & Lifecycle Actions 0 Likely to Implement