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Multiple Instructions Sets

Currently to provide varied instructions for a lab based on its use case a lab author is required to make additional (likely child) lab profiles, the use of "Sections" to override large chunks of content, or some combination thereof. One of the bi...
James Burnham 11 months ago in Skillable Studio 6 Released

To reduce TAT and improve granularity for support

Lab Instance State Change webhooks – can webhooks be made available for each event change that occurs during the lab lifecycle.
Guest about 1 year ago in Lab Administration 2 Released

Page Validation on Lab Activities

Currently when something is incorrect or missing in a "New Question" activities form; clicking the save or save and insert buttons do nothing. This gives end users the impression that something is wrong with the platform. This is not particularly ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Lab Scoring & Activities 1 Released

Add a Download Option to End of Lab Score Report

Add an option to the end of lab score report to download it to your local computer.
James Burnham 8 months ago in In-Lab Experience / Lab Administration 0 Released

TMS - Webhooks for key areas of integration

Restful API only means that remote users need to constantly poll for status changes. Need to be able to have remote systems be notified for event changes such as: Class/Subscription Webhooks Class and Course Feedback - keeping updated when feedbac...
Eric Grau 12 months ago in Lab Administration / Skillable API / Skillable TMS 2 Released

Allow Ordering of Automated Activity Scripts

I noticed that shell scripts in automated activities are not orderable, whereas LCA shell scripts are orderable. The ordering feature would be very useful for automated activities to avoid the need to copy/paste all of the scripts for a simple reo...
Guest over 2 years ago in Skillable Studio 0 Released

When Launching a lab with FireFox as default browser the Environment window Minimizes.

See attachment for example. The environment window automatically sizes itself extremely small and narrow. This only happens if FireFox is the browser used and it happens for all of our lab profiles that use FireFox on both Windows or Mac.
Guest 12 months ago in In-Lab Experience 1 Released

Add the ability to allow extensions but limit the number of extensions.

As Cloud slice becomes a more prominent part of training labs, Cost Management is a big consideration. I think adding a feature to the Advanced tab to allow extensions but limit the number of extensions per lab profile.
Guest over 2 years ago in Cloud / In-Lab Experience 0 Released

Allow Those Creating Courses to Manually Sync the Labs in LoD with the Labs Presented in the Activities in the TMS

This would be helpful because there have often been times that I have just finished creating a lab in LoD and then need to assign it to a course in the TMS asap. When this happens I either have to wait for the TMS to sync or create a ticket for so...
Melissa Warren about 2 years ago in Lab Administration 0 Released

Allow Powershell Customization by Organization

We use a small number of specific Powershell modules that have to be installed each time a Life Cycle Action or Automated Action script is run. This takes time and induces delays into the running of the scripts. It would be beneficial if we could ...
Wayne Klapwyk over 2 years ago in Skillable Studio 0 Released